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Powerlifting Champion

Phil Trujillo launched his successful business career at the University of Northern Colorado where he majored in business. He also majored in physical education and  was an All-American Powerlifting Champion, winning the NCAA championships three years in a row. As a member of the U.S. team, Phil placed second in the World Championship in Perth, Australia, setting a new world record in the 132-pound class that held for 10 years; bench pressing 350 pounds.

Financial Planner

After UNC, Phil joined Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company where he continually ranked every year in the company’s top 10 life insurance producers. After nine years of sales and management, Phil went into business for himself, establishing his financial planning practice and counseling his clients with estate and tax strategies.

Coaching Ministry

Phil retired after a very successful 30-year career in the insurance field to follow the calling of God. He began Phil Trujillo Ministries in 2012 where his mission is to restore sincere men and women to wholeness in Spirit, Soul, and Body by ministering to the painful and sensitive areas like betrayal, rejection, shame, guilt, and loneliness through one-on-one coaching and seminars based on God’s truths. Phil is dedicated to healing old wounds and replacing old erroneous thought patterns through strategic prayer and obedience to the Word of God that are the foundation of financial freedom.

Key Principles for Financial Breakthrough

God's Plan for Prosperity

Spirit, Soul, and Body

Phil relates his journey from his struggle with the fear of failure to a revelation from God during a very dark time in his life that changed his life.


Phil's story was featured in a podcast

Phil and Cathy Trujillo

Located in Windsor, Colorado, they have two children and three beautiful granddaughters.

God called Phil into ministry in 2012.

Phil has the compassion of God’s heart for our hurting world. He ministers to the painful and sensitive areas like  betrayal, rejection, shame, and guilt.


Areas of ministry


Remove the spiritual blocks to healing


 Return to wholeness


Rescue from the storms in your life


Bring people out of their invisible prison

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