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Forgiveness, generational patterns, and financial breakthrough.

Our Coaching Curriculum is focused on forgiveness, removing negative generational patterns, and learning how to implement proven Biblical strategies for financial breakthrough. The goal is for you to gain clarity with respect to the issues in your life the enemy is using to hold you back, to build your confidence in the promises of God, and to establish a plan you can start today to achieve your financial breakthrough.
In this dynamic training, we will inspire you to action by teaching you misunderstood Biblical Principles and innovative and proven strategies for consistent performance as a Disciple of Christ.


Coaching Curriculum

Our Coaching Clients Receive

  • Personalized coaching curriculum designed for you

  • Weekly/ Monthly coaching sessions

  • Specific action-oriented assignments

  • Direct email access to your coach

  • Confidential advice and accountability

  • And much, much more!

Discipleship Curriculum for the Soul

In Discipleship Curriculum for the Soul, you will discover when and how you were set-up by the enemy by exploring and understanding generational patterns, curses, and forgiveness. Our focus is on learning how to deal with and break off ungodly soul ties and taking action to reverse setbacks by removing ungodly beliefs about yourself and others. We focus on revealing and understanding how the enemy has impacted your beliefs and life by exploring the root causes.

  • Seven ways to increase your blessings and miracle results. 

  • The vital ingredients to building your winning foundation. 

  • How to “discern the enemy” accurately and quickly.

  • The playbook for outsmarting the adversary.

  • Outperforming the competition by recognizing their weaknesses and surpassing their strengths.

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Prosperity and Biblical Economics

In life there will be seasons when you feel unable to make progress. It may be in one area, like your finances, or it may show up in numerous areas simultaneously and you feel “stuck” in your relationships, job, health and more.

That’s when you need to know and employ the skill of creating breakthrough.

  • How to Master adversity

  • 5 Highly Effective Tools for leveling mental roadblocks

  • A Foolproof System for accountability and follow-through

  • The 3 Blind Spots that undermine your best efforts

  • How to eliminate stress and anxiety

Pursue a more focused level of intentional growth through our transformational coaching services.  Schedule a session to learn more about how you or your team can benefit from our customized coaching solutions.

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